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Marc Jacobs (born April 9, 1963) is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs, and formerly Marc by Marc Jacobs, a diffusion line, which was produced for approximately 15 years having been discontinued after the 2015 fall/winter collection. At one point there were over 200 retail stores in 80 countries. He was the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2014. Jacobs was on Time magazine's "2010 Time 100" list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and was #14 on Out magazine's 2012 list of "50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America". He was married on 7 April 2019 to his long time partner, Charly Defrancesco.

User "Blueangel51" reviews Marc Jacobs's Perfect fragrance for woman, on the "Fragrantica" website, on July 31, 2020:

"Tried this today at Macy's and it's a generic scent. Uninteresting light generic perfume. Wish they would create a unique and powerful scent. Seems like everyone is banging out these light florals. Seriously, don't waste your time with this one unless you are collecting pretty bottles."


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Akesa t says

"Has anyone purchase anything off onlinepaydayshop they are on sale for Marc jacobs snap shot bags from $295 to $65 it sounds to good to be true and tempted to buy as I’ve been looking at this bag for a while and can’t find reviews on it anywhere !"

Siobhan Lovesherkids Bailey says

"Appalling customer service .
Purse was purchased for birthday present off my son and within couple months the main toggle to open and shut purse came off.

I have sent pictures in and all you get is same generic email and please allow 3-5 days then told to email this department.

I’ve replied since beginning of December with same pictures, same response, screenshots of previous correspondence and nothing.

You expect more from such a luxury brand but it looks like this is all a front... for cheap made products and non existent customer service and after care."

Mille Nielsen says

"I ordered an iPhone cover in late October 2020, almost three months ago. The delivery was estimated to 2-3 days, so when a week and a half passed without anything happening, I contacted the delivery firm. After a month with countless problems and conversations with them the package was declared lost. This is probably an issue with the delivery firm, but...

I was told to contact Marc Jacobs and ask for a return, so I did immediately. That was 2 months ago. The only response I've gotten is them telling me that they are looking into the case and working on it. I sent my order number and receipts along with all information, so should a simple refund really take over 2 months?

I am, honestly surprised by the lack of communication from them and I've read many recent reviews saying the same thing. I thought I shouldn't worry since Marc Jacobs is a well-known and recognized brand.
I guess I was wrong."

Aroua Farhat says

"Unfortunately I have to share publicly the worst customer service experience in my entire life with marc jacobs eyewear brand to warn you guys. My eyewear got broken in less than few months after purchase because of a manufacturing defect and they denied any responsibility or assistance even though all products shall be covered by a 12 months warranty. They kept kicking me from one department to another and asking me to send dozens of emails here and there, and even called me and questioned me. Each time they ask for additional 3 to 5 days to investigate my case, and all they did at the end is to ignore the complaint. I was extremely patient with them and gave them the benefit of doubt for a month by now. I did a mistake by trusting the name and quality of #marcjacobs, please don’t commit the same mistake especially with the worst customer service that you can find on earth. I had to lose my money twice and I don’t want any other customer to make the same mistake I did. Will never purchase item from this brand and all my family and friends and people who are reading this will do the same.
I am also very surprised to read reviews here about this customer services and they seem to not care at all!! Aren’t they concerned about their brand name??"

Oksana Sultan says


Unfortunately, I have negative experience with the Marc Jacobs product as well as the service.

I bought a Marc Jacob phone cover in May 2020 at the Marc Jacobs store, Hamngatan 18-20, 111 77 Stockholm. After one month of use, the cover was in absolutely unacceptable condition. Then I went to the store to exchange this cover for the same new one. Unfortunately, after one month I got the same problem with this new cover. I went to the store to exchange the cover again, but instead of a new item, I got a kind of ticket refund. Salesman told me to come next month, as they have a new collection, and I can choose a new phone cover. When I returned back, the store was closed, and the person at the information desk gave me an email address, so I can contact customer service for further information. I tried to contact customer service during last 6 weeks, but still have not received any response."

irangi de alwis says

"Worst customer service response from a so called reputed luxury brand!!!!!
I made an inquiry for a missing dust bag with recently purchased item from the brand thinking that usually it’s part of the product as well, as I have received many dust bags with other luxury brands before.
Reply from the customer care team is given below.

Thank you for contacting Marc Jacobs!

​We are contacting you regarding your request to have a dust bag for your handbag. We regret to inform you we do not have replacement dust bags here at Marc Jacobs. We recommend utilizing a pillow case in the event that the product needs to be stored for a long period of time or when not in use. ​

So now I have to look for a “pillow case” to keep my bag displayed in my walking closet according to Marc Jacob customer care team members .

Is this applying for every single person who buys products from them?

Highly disappointed"

Ava Naughton says

"I ordered two bags from Marc Jacobs over 2 weeks ago. Every time I check the tracking number it keeps saying the ordered is being processed but still hasn’t been shipped. I emailed 3 times with my tracking number GE805341046US looking for an update. Then today I received the below email....
AN (Marc Jacobs)
Dec 8, 2020, 19:08 GMT+2

Dear Xx

Thank you for your recent online order from Marc Jacobs.

Unfortunately due to a pricing error, we are unable to fulfill your order – this has now been cancelled and any charges made have been reversed.

Please accept our apologies for any disappointment that this causes and we encourage you to place a new order on our website.

If you had ordered a sale item, we will honor the discount on your original order - just send us your new order number and we will refund the difference in price, if any.

In addition, by way of apology, we would like to offer you a 10% discount from your next order - please use the following coupon code: xxxxx

If you have any further queries, please let me know.

Best regards,


Marc Jacobs Customer Service Manager"

Helen says

"If I could select 0 stars, then that is what i would choose. I bought a beautiful bag for my daughters christmas present and was horrified at how the bag arrived. It arrived in a cardboard box with no tissue paper, no protective dust bag and no branded packaging.

In the care instruction leaflet it states: "To make sure your bag or small leather good remains beautiful for as long as possible we recommend that this item be handled with special care. When not in use stuff and store this accessory in the protective dust bag recieved with purchase." . Yet this did not arrive with a dust bag.

Usually when you spend several hundreds of pounds on a designer handbag you expect it to come in a beautiful box with the matching dust bag. I have since been in contact with the customer services team with several emails. The last email I recieved from Marc Jacobs told me to buy my own dust bag!... even though they state that the product should arrive with a dust bag. They have not offered to send out a dust bag and seem completely uncapable of trying to resolve the situation. They have actually been very rude.

When asked in relation to a dust bag they have responded: "Please note, we cannot offer you things we do not have. We do not currently offer gift boxes or wrapping. Orders are minimally wrapped only for protection during shipment. We also do not have any dust bags we can send. You can always purchase your own dust bag elsewhere if you want to protect your bag".

Should Marc Jacobs like to get in touch to resolve the issue the order number is GE820011423US"

Izzy says

"Possibly the worst customer service I have experienced. They make DMV employees look like rays of sunshine and better customer care can be found at any local Wal-mart.

They take FOREVER to ship out orders and it is almost impossible to reach customer service. I was on hold this past Monday for 45 minutes. Once they picked up the phone, the person was super weird. No concern whatsoever and could not tell me when I would receive my order. I asked if wait times are usually 45 minutes long and she said “I don’t know”. Wow.

I have emailed them twice this past week without response. The DMs I sent to them on Instagram have been ignored.

Truly shocking. I will never buy from this brand again. They are horrible."

LJ says

"Horrible customer service. I ordered from their website over two weeks ago and never got a shipping confirmation. Contacted their customer service multiple times but no response. Would not recommend!"

Joan Liao says

"0 star No! Minus!!!
I purchased and returned one of bags from Marc Jacobs official website (any other online merchandise do 10000000% super than MJ regarding to the return & refund: 1) there’s NO such a basic tracking system for return (are we in the 80s?), 2) haven’t gotten refund so called their customer service: they received my bag at their warehouse in somewhere; 3) Kept contacting them regarding my refund, even wrote two official letters and
DID NOT receive a word...
That is how u will be / are treated: took your own money and ignored u"

Alexis Skye Bratton says

"The most disgusting company.

Steals your money and doesn't respond to any email. Sent my bag for a replacement 2 months ago. I emailed every week and they assured me a new one was coming. They now have told me that they never shipped it and it's out of stock and they do not know where my original purse is."

Consumer says

"I recently purchased “The Mark Jacobs” handbag. Today I returned it. Let me explain why. While I was transferring all my stuff over from my Kate Spade into the Marc Jacobs, I noticed it didn’t have the rich leather smell so I read the card that was tucked inside the bag and realized that it was not real leather. It said it was split cow leather with a polyurethane coating. I googled that and this is what it said: Split leather is the corium part of leather which when coated with polyurethane gives a full leather appearance. The coating may crack more easily later. Now, mind you, this bag was $495.00 and with tax it came to $529.65. I don’t know how they can justify charging that much for a bag that, in my opinion is junk. The sales girl was even shocked, she said she was going to talk to the manager. This bag was purchased at an upscale department store that prides itself on selling fine leather goods. I will never buy another Marc Jacobs bag again. I feel like I was duped. So ladies, be aware! I e-mailed the company and now I am sending this review. On Monday I will also be calling them. We need to get the word out!!"

Tina Dunbar says

"I literally bought sneakers that I never got never received a package or a refund I’m not rich I do not have free money to give a millionaire customer service is horrible they don’t give zero fu*** about a customer they don’t respond to emails or anything do not shop with them I promise y’all I will never do business with them again I will never recommend anybody do business with them they take your money and don’t care please do not shop with them horrible horrible horrible the only reason I put a star was because you have to in order to write a review i hope he never experienced the customer service he have at his own company if so maybe after that he will know how the customers feel thieving asses really be robbing people"

dana doleh says

"Do not buy Marc Jacobs online they take your money and you don’t receive the package ."

Jenny Myers says

"Horrible customer!I am shocked at the lack of customer service with this company.I will not be ordering from Marc Jacobs again.I received and bag with a hole in it.The day I received it I called and was told a new bag is on its way.A week later nothing.I called again and now they are saying they can’t send a new bag I would have to make a new order even though I have a reference number.So my daughter’s birthday present will not be here! I will now be going somewhere else!"

Margot says

"The website says that if the product you order goes on sale within 30 days of purchase, a “customer service representative” will refund the difference as a price adjustment.
That never happens.

Six weeks ago, I purchased some expensive shoes from, the next day, I received a marketing email advertising a sale. Sure enough, when I checked, my shoes were on sale at 40% off.
Based on their website which states clearly that you can get a price adjustment in this event as long as:
-the item is in stock at the time the request is made
-only one price adjustment per order
-items purchased on sale are not eligible for price adjustment

My order met all of these listed requirements.
So I called the “Customer Service” number, where I was told “oh yes, we’ll send this request. You’ll receive an email from us is a few days stating that the Price Adjustment has been issued, here is a reference number”.
I had no reason to be concerned and looked forward to my refund.
For the next 6 weeks, the following scenario played out:
Once or twice per week (for 6 weeks!!!), I would call to check the status of my refund, every time, I was told it was in review and I would receive an email when it went through.
After about 5 weeks (mind you, this is after the 30 day return timeframe, so at this point, I am unable to even ridiculously return the shoes and repurchase them at the sale price), I began to send emails.
Each email was responded to with:

“Thank you for contacting Marc Jacobs!

Thank you for contacting us for a price adjustment for the () purchased on order number (). Please note, we are unable to price match to our temporary sales and promotions. As such, we would be unable to provide the requested price adjustment. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and thank you again for contacting Marc Jacobs.


Lindsey H.
The Customer Service Team”

This “reason” is clearly not listed on their website, in multiple response emails, I sent a screenshot of their “Price Adjustment Policy” And pointed to the website where the shoes are still on sale 6 weeks later and are nearly sold out, asking them what constitutes a “temporary sale” as it appears these shoes were permanently marked down until they sold out.
I never got an answer.

This is the most unscrupulous, dirty company to do business with.
I’ve literally never been treated this way by any company, much less an “intro-to luxury brand”.

As a customer, you have no recourse, except maybe to dispute the charge.

DO NOT SHOP ON MARCJACOBS.COM, if anything out of the ordinary happens, you will be treated like crap and lied to and you’ll never be treated fairly.
I wish I had read these reviews (warnings) before I shopped at Marc Jacobs online."

Janita says

"Do not bother shopping online!!!

Almost 2 months and no refund or items.
May I add the items are now 40%off!

Totally ridiculous. They asked me to cancel my PayPal dispute and would process the refund, biggest mistake I made. Totally misleading and still waiting."

Arnon Bernshtein says

"Don't purchase anything from their site
Three months ago I bought paid 110 usd for Aigle ladder boots.
After waiting two months I have got package with cheap slippers inside!!.
After exhausts corresponding they admit courier mad a mistake when dispatched the package during the process .
They refused to accept full responsibility for it, and asked me to pay 60% of the total value If I like them to send it again,
No thanks."

Laura flara says

"Don‘t buy anything from their website. I ordered a bag two weeks ago but I didn‘t get any message from their customer service. They ignore my message. This was my first experience with Marc Jacobs. I will never buy anything from this brand again."

Nina says

"I ordered a bag online and changed my mind within minutes. They have no cancellations and you also cannot modify the order. What kind of dumb assed company says no u can’t cancel an order. It’s my money. Why should I have to wait to get it in the mail to return it when I don’t want it. This is a very shady business. Will never shop there again "